21 Books That Every 20 Year Old Should Read

The books that can fill the mind of a 20 year old.

By Jacob Jacobowitz4 days ago

20 year old is a milestone age, no longer can you be considered a kid by no measure. In this second decade of your life is where you’ll find a myriad of new challenges you probably never even imagined existed.

It is also crucial that you learn a couple of new things about life so you can face the hardships ahead, and what better to teach you than books? Here are the best books for a 20 year old.

#4 Break Up! With Your Rental by Courtney Poulos

Financial Independence Is Sexy and Real Estate is within reach, at all income levels and price points. Courtney Poulos, expert real estate broker, skillfully shows howl linking the buying of real estate to dating can liberate you from culturally entrenched beliefs.

Women should invest in their financial future earlier on and this book can show you how to buy a home all by yourself, build equity and create financial independence!

Before buying a book make sure to compare price and outlet, we have included links below to several large book outlets for different regions in the world:

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