Break Up! With Your Rental
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“COURTNEY POULOS, expert real estate broker, skillfully shows how linking the buying of real estate to dating can liberate you from culturally entrenched beliefs. Not only will you overcome all of these mental blocks by the end of this masterful book, but you will also learn a set of practical and applicable tools for your own journey into the world of real estate, whether you are interested in buying a place to live, rent out, or renovate and sell for a profit. You will also read the stories of numerous women, from a variety of different backgrounds, who have used real estate to improve their lives. This book, which I highly recommend, essentially shows how you can own a home all by yourself, build equity, and leverage it to create financial independence.” -J.J. Hebert, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author

Owning real estate roots you, not to a place necessarily, but spiritually, metaphorically, and financially. Even if you don’t live in the place that you own, you are an owner. You have gained an understanding of how systems work. You have a tool with which to diversify your portfolio. If you trust that love will come to you and the kind of man that you want to attract will be in your life, you will have no fear of making smart financial decisions. You will be saying to yourself, “I’m making this smart decision for myself, which means the person that I’m ending up with is also making that smart decision for himself.”


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