Explanatory Books on How to Master Real Estate Investing

Begin to understand, finally, how the real estate market actually works.

by James Jackson2 days ago

Adjustable-rate mortgage, Amortization, Comparative market analysis, Assessed value, etc.

Just what the hell does any of those terms actually mean in relation with this house you are desperately trying to sell at a decent price? You don’t know that, but you better damn well learn that before going further in.

Real estate marketing is a field that has been purposefully complicated by who wouldn’t want just anyone to enter it. But it really isn’t that hard to understand. You only have to put your brains to it. Learn finally what those terms, and so many others, mean by reading the ultimate books on real estate investing.

Courtney Poulos, who owns a brokerage just wrote a new book, Break Up With Your Rental that offers financial advice for young women getting into real estate. It’s for fledgling investors as well as anyone making the leap into homeownership.

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